Overhead walk: Shoulders and elbows fully locked out. Carry with structure not muscle. 

Crab walk: Only hands and feet touch the ground. You can also move backwards.

Bear walk: Only hands and feet touch the ground. Bears don't have knees they say... 

Farmers walk: Briefcase carry, grip and core stability.

Shoulder walk: ruck on shoulder, like a log or a 80´s boom-blaster. 

Straps carry: Carry ruck in straps only. Alternate sides for comfort. 

BICEPS WALK: Ruck on your biceps. 

R U C K   P T

Squat: Hips fully extended when standing up, hips below parallell on the way down. 

Ruck press: Start with ruck in rack position, elbows forward. Press strict to fully extent arms and shoulders.

Ruck push press: Bend your knees and push for an extra momentum with your presses.

Front squats: Elbows pointing forward and as high as you can, back straight. Hips below knees deep.

Thrusters: Hips below parallell, shoulders fully locked out. Head goes in between arms. 

Step-ups: Knee about 90 degree bent. Full hip extension.

Lunges: Knee don´t have to touch the ground, about 90 degrees angle.

8-count body builders: 1. hands touch the ground 2. high plank position 3. legs spread apart 4. feet together 5. low push-up position 6. Up (push-up) 7. Hands on ground 8. Stand tall (no jump)

Shoulder to shoulder: Shoulders and elbows fully extended

Ground to overhead: Ruck touch the ground and go fully extended overhead.

Overhead squats: Elbows fully locked out, heels on the ground throughout movement. Work on your mobility.

Flutter kicks: Legs straight, hip extenders and lower abs are working. Four is one one is none. Ruck goes over your chest or hands under glutes.

Ruck swings: Strong bach, use hip extension to thrust the ruck in a pendeling movement. 

Devils ruck press: Burpee combined with a ruck press.


Alternate plank positions: Back straight, no knees to the ground. Alternate positions, high plank, high side plank, low plank, low side plank and plank rest position (Upward dog).

Back extensions: Feet on the ground, lift your chest enough not to stress your back.

Sit-ups: Shoulder touch the ground, hands on opposite shoulder. Elbows touch the knee (not thighs)

Push-up: Pecs touch the ground, elbows fully locked out. Back straight. 

Diamond push-ups: Thumbs and index fingers form a diamond shape figure in the close grip push-up.

Wide grip push-ups: back straight and chest touch the ground. Arms fully extended.

Decline push-ups: Feet on an bench or box, shoulders and upper pecs get to work.

Incline push-ups:  Hands on a bench or a box. 

Dips: Full range of motion, shoulders below elbow. Below parallell is enough.

Pull-ups: Arms fully extended, chin over bar and palms facing forwards.

Wide grip pull-ups: Arms straight, wider grip, chin over bar.

Chin-ups: a pull-up with palms facing backwards.

Burpees: Hips fully extended, clap behind head.