Questions and answers

Q: What is MILRUCK?
A: A physical and mental endurance challenge. Add some leadership and some interesting information about the armed forces.

Q: Am I insured by MILRUCK during an event?
A: No, look over your insurances ahead of an event. 

Q: Will the cadre scream in my face and insult me?
A: No, this is not bootcamp.

Q: What if I won´t make thru an event?
A: That's why you are supposed to bring a cab-fare to every event. The cadre will also bring a phone in case of emergency.

Q: Will I be performance-dropped if I fail to prepare accordingly for an event?
A: In theory, a participant can be performance dropped or medically dropped if the participant does not meet the standards. In the real world of special operations, you never leave a man/woman behind.

Q: Can civilians sign up or is this strictly for veterans??
A: Everybody is welcome to join the family if the pass the standards. MILRUCK is for everybody.

Q: Can I bring my phone to an event?
A: Yes, but the cadre will relieve you from it during the event, same with watches. Don´t worry - you will get it back.  

Q: Is this for girls too?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Is it fun?
A: No, it´s hard, tough and sometimes wet. But afterwards, it´s fun.

Q: Will my gear be wet, dirty and brake?
A: Probably

Q: Where do you buy bricks and bubble wrap?
A: You buy it in a hardware or construction store.  

Q: What kind of clothes shall I wear during my event?
A: Fully covering workout clothes are recommended. Add a headlamp and a high-quality rucksack like a GORUCK GR1 or GR0. The ruck should not be bigger than 45l. 

Q: Does MILRUCK consider CSR?
A: Yes, MILRUCK is hiring veterans.