Our main event that goes overnight for at least 12 hours, watch the sun rise over your city. A selection of unconventional evolutions will take you to the next level as the athlete. You can do twice as much as you think. Your ability to lead others, collaborate and communicate will also be tested. Follow our three basic rules - do your best in all situations, be a good companion and never give up and you will earn your patch in the morning. For both the team player and the individualist - MILRUCK builds stronger citizens.

A longer ruck with elements of ruck-runs, teambuilding for strangers. The night is our friend but this is no easy night. If you survive, you'll see the sun rising over your city and enjoy the best breakfast of the year.

+12H. MEN: Ruck with 20kg plus water and optional energy bars. 
WOMEN: Ruck with 15kg plus water and optional energy bars. 
Ruck run: 6,5km - 50min